Luxury fruitcake
Luxury fruitcake
Luxury fruitcake

Luxury fruitcake

This generously filled fruitcake is a cake to be savoured. The cake has a deliciously fresh and light flavor. The light cake is elegantly decorated with delicious fresh fruit. A sight to behold and tasteful for various occasions. 

Sides of the cake may vary between almond flakes or nougatine nuts.
Fruit on the cake may differ from the image due to seasonal influences for example.
Dimensions of the cakes:

10 - 12 people: 20x20cm
12 - 16 people: 22x22cm
16 - 20 people: 25x25cm
20 - 25 people: 28x28cm
25 - 30 people: 28x34cm
30 - 35 people: 28x38cm
40 - 45 people: 28x48cm





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