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The birth of Toptaarten.nl

Toptaarten.nl is part of Topgeschenken Nederland B.V., which is best known for Topbloemen.nl. In 1999, founder Edwin van Arkel started as an independent florist in Hoofddorp. Due to the increasing demand of internet sales Edwin switched completely to online sales in 2005. By working together with local florists in the Netherlands and Belgium the Topbloemen network was born. By continuously working on the quality and service Topbloemen.nl has become the market leader in flower delivery. In 2015 Topbloemen.nl and Geschenkbezorgen.nl joined forces and the company continues under the name Topgeschenken Nederland B.V. The reason for this merger is to be able to offer a broader range than just flowers. One part of the assortment of Geschenkbezorgen.nl was cakes. This is how Toptaarten.nl came into being. The company now consists of more than 100 employees and there are 4 Top brands: Topgeschenken.nl, Topbloemen.nl, Topfruit.nl en Toptaarten.nl

Why does Toptaarten.nl work with local bakeries?

Founder Edwin van Arkel: "There are already concepts for online cakes, but they are all centrally organized with everything being produced in one location and then delivered the next day by a national delivery service. We don't believe in that. A good cake is made fresh by a local artisan baker and delivered locally. The local baker has the knowledge and is usually known and often even a household name in the region. Local heroes we call them here. They work with great love for the products and are true craftsmen. In addition, we have conducted research into the quality of delivery and it turns out that local entrepreneurs are much more reliable than the large national couriers. The choice for the local model was therefore quickly made. And last but not least; with Topbloemen.nl we have proven for years that the concept works."

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The people behind Toptaarten.nl

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