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Content: Cream cake

Ordering cream cake online

Of course, a nice day with friends or family cannot go without cake. Nowadays we try to buy our products locally as much as possible. But also the convenience of ordering via the Internet is impossible to imagine without. That is why Toptaarten.nl is so ideal. More than 160 bakers are affiliated with this webshop for cream cakes, among other things. Because of this there is always a baker in your area who can provide a fresh cake. All of these cakes are made with love, passion and using traditional methods.

Different possibilities

Tastes differ and Toptaarten.nl takes that into account. The cakes can be made in different ways. There are pies that are finished with fruit or chocolate. The sides can be finished with almond shavings or colored sprinkles, for example. Either you can have the cake made as luxurious as you want. Because of this you are sure to have a cake that suits your taste, as well as the occasion for which the cake is intended.

Whipped cream cakes with a photo

Of course, you can also personalize whipped cream cakes. For example, there are themed cakes to congratulate or thank someone. You can also order a cream cake with a photo. You can even add your own text to this cake. This will certainly impress you and the recipient will see this as a big surprise.

Ordering whipped cream cakes

Ordering cakes is easy through the webshop. After creating an account or logging in, you can choose a cream cake. Determine the type of cream cake, the flavor and the finishing. After this you can order the cream cake by going through the ordering process.

Delivery of the cream cake

You can pick up the cream cake at the bakery in your area. This allows you to decide at which bakery you want to have your cake made. In addition, you can specify which day and part of the day you want to pick up the cake. Of course you can also have the cream cake delivered. The baker or his delivery man will then bring the cake to the address you have given. They try to do this before noon so you can be sure that your cake will arrive on time.

A real surprise

Whether you want to order a cream cake, have a cream cake delivered or if you want to pick up your cake, Toptaarten.nl is the place to be. A surprise is of course complete with a card with personal text. When you give them your text, they will make sure it is on the card and comes with the cake. This can be anonymous or really personal.
For the real cream pie and ultimate surprise, Toptaarten.nl is the place to be!